Gone are the days of physically going into a travel agency to find out the latest promotions, discuss expenses or even just book a flight. 

Everything is literally at the tip of our fingers, from booking car rides via our cellphones to checking in to our flights on our laptops. Technology is taking over the world one code at a time, and the travel industry couldn’t be more grateful for it!

Here are just a few ways in which technology has helped the travel industry:

  1. Personalisation – thanks to the large amount of data in the world, most companies can personalise their marketing to ensure the right people are receiving the information they are most interested in.
  2. AR and VR – through augmented and virtual realities, customers can gauge information through real-time and immersive experiences, which keeps the customer’s interest. 
  3. Seamless processes – businesses such as TravelIT can enhance the customer experience through seamless operations, which focus on minimising friction and red
  4. Travel apps – apps such as TravelIT help streamline travel plans, ensuring the customer travels with ease and confidence. 

Technology continues to drive the travel industry forward by cutting down time and friction, fast-tacking processes and simplifying the overall customer experience. With a tool as efficient as TravelIT, one can focus on their business’s core activities while technology streamlines the travel process.